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Spiritual darkness continues to cover most of Latin America. The daily challenges and hardships Christian leaders face leave them feeling hopeless, isolated and overwhelmed. 

Latin Impact Ministries cultivates longterm relationships with national leaders equipping them with vital spiritual, emotional and physical resources; delivering hope, relief and encouragement.


Discipling and resourcing these leaders creates healthy and vibrant ministries and communities, igniting societal transformation.

Igniting Societal Transformation



The Gospel in Action

We work with an extensive network of pastors and church leaders developing powerful evangelistic strategies resulting in large scale conversions, leadership development, church  planting and resourcing Gospel servants with the goal of reaching all of Cuba for Christ.



Cultivating Relationships

We oversee a beautiful, retreat ranch about 2 hours outside of Bogota where Christian leaders  can spend time with their families, enjoying deep, refreshing communion with God. This is a  place for churches to have conferences and retreats with sleeping accommodations for 80  people plus room for camping. We annually organize conferences for local pastors and leaders.  See:



Discipling leaders who transform communities

We support and mentor mostly neglected churches and leaders in the lush Peruvian jungle. We organize pastor’s and leader’s outreaches, conferences and training in some of the large cities bringing about societal transformation through kingdom principles and practices.

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Reaching the unreached

We partner with local churches developing a vibrant youth camp on the Panamanian border  area of Talamanca. This youth camp provides a base for outreaches and youth conferences to  reach the local youth, especially on the extensive Indigenous people reservation adjacent to the  camp. As we reach the youth with the Gospel, the future leaders of this region are prepared to  lead with kingdom power and truth.

About Us

Russell and Kerry Black have been involved in full time missions work in Latin America and Cuba since August 1991.  While living in Mexico and Colombia and ministering throughout Latin America over the past three decades, they have developed a strong network of national church leaders alongside whom they continue to work with to this day.  


While living in Homestead, FL for 27 years, they also started a children’s ministry in a local church that grew to a citywide youth ministry and then into a young adult ministry. For 5 years, they also planted and pastored a church and continued to foster relationships with local pastors,civic organizations, governmental and military leaders. Their passion has always been to ignite transformation everywhere they go.


Today, Russell and Kerry reside in the Florida Panhandle and continue missions ministry. They are the proud parents of their 3 adult children, Aaron, Katie and Adam.

About Us

Our Team in Latin America:


Showing great potential as a baseball player at a very young age, Osmani Sosa was raised up in the Soviet sports programs in effect in Cuba during his youth.  Reaching the highest levels of sports by the time he was 20 years old, he was tasting great success and notoriety.   Because of the supernatural healing his mom experienced, he had a powerful salvation experience that changed his life forever.  Against the counsel of his friends and family, he left baseball behind to prepare for a life given to Jesus.  He founded Honrando al Padre sports evangelism ministry in 1997.  Over 1 million people have been evangelized since that time and 200,000 + have made decisions for Christ.  Osmani leads this ministry working with 20+ denominations and 500+ churches while he pastors a local church in Havana.


When Carlos Cuervo walks in the room, the atmosphere changes and the party starts!  Having been raised in extreme poverty in Bogota, he suffered much lack in his youth which propelled him to develop a very charismatic personality which has served him well in the last 46 years of full time ministry.  Many consider Carlos and his lovely wife, Esperanza to be the fathers of alcohol and drug rehabilitation ministry as they have pioneered this work in Colombia.  They've planted several churches and rehab facilities and currently direct Finca Provision de Dios, a retreat ranch for pastors and churches.


With the loving heart of a father, Darwin has left a powerful mark throughout Peru.  He is the senior overseer of Mision de Cristo en el Peru which is a family of 50+ churches throughout the country.  Even into his 60s, Darwin travels extensively ministering and caring for these far flung churches experiencing conditions that most younger men would not be able to handle.  We have the privilege of working alongside Darwin visiting these churches and conducting leadership and regional conferences throughout the country.


Marlon was raised in a remote jungle area that only recently began to benefit from electricity and some modern conveniences.  This region of Peru was deeply involved only a few decades ago in massive cocaine production in which he and most of his neighbors participated.  Now he and many of these people are dedicated to serving God and planting churches in hard to reach areas.  They subsist on Cacao, coffee, and corn production on lands previously used to grow Coca.  The entire region has been transformed and new prosperity and peace are being experienced.  Much of this is due to Marlon's hard work and his leading the regional churches in reaching their area for Christ.

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Oscar de Aza is a passionate worship leader and evangelist working in Bogota and on missions throughout Colombia, Europe and Turkey.  He is a leader of the worship/intercession movement in Colombia called Burn, leading mostly young people in late night prayer and worship gatherings.  His wife, Andrea, is completing her law school studies and joins Oscar in the ministry whenever she’s not studying.  Oscar is also the father of 2 beautiful teenage daughters.  Oscar is a regular member of our team and helps with our conferences in Colombia.  

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Christian Community Church of Love in San Jose, Costa Rica, pastored by Arturo Londoño has been ministering to the Bribri Indigenous people of Talamanca province for over 20 years bringing hope, healing and salvation to the people of that region.  In 2008, the church was donated a tract of land to provide a missions base in the area and a place to gather people for camps, conferences and retreats.  Since that time, a gathering hall with a kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and large meeting area have been built.  Lodging cabins and storage buildings are being built to provide shelter for those who us the camp.  This work continues to be overseen by Pastor Arturo and is led by Archi Segueira and Hugo Rodriguez with help from many of the local Indigenous believers. 



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